You’re More Beautiful Than You Think: Dove Celebrates Natural Beauty

For years, the fashion and beauty industries have dictated how women look at themselves, and Dove’s innovative campaigns have helped change that perception.  Its latest ad campaign, “Real Beauty Sketches,” launched this past April has gone viral, reaching over 114 million views so far.  This campaign is emotionally powerful as it shows seven women of different ages and ethnic backgrounds describe their faces without knowing why.

Dove - Real Beauty Sketches - Shelley

A forensic artist, who never saw the women, then drew two sketches of each woman’s face; one based on her description and the other based on a stranger’s, whom they had met the day before.  The two drawings were then put side-by-side and the women were asked to come back and see the results.  I think that their reactions will surprise you.

Dove’s vision is to show women that they’re more beautiful than they think.  This powerful statement has increased brand loyalty as more and more women identify with Dove’s vision.  As a result, Dove has seen sales grow — not bad for a brand that was at the end of its lifecycle a few years ago.

Many companies have visions that claim to be beneficial; however, few are as successful as Dove’s “You’re More Beautiful Than You Think,” campaign.  It’s a powerful message for women of all ages!

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