Who Do You Trust?

We don’t trust everyone. We tend to trust people who are similar to us.   Values, culture and life cycle (what stage of life you are in) all play a big role in building trust.  Family, friends, acquaintances, public figures we look up to, media we find reliable and bloggers we follow online, all influence us. We rely on these people and sources when making decisions like what university to go to, what daycare or school to send our kids to or what computer to buy.

People follow blogs because they identify with the blogger.  This relationship of trust is built on shared values and those values build an online community.  So it’s not surprising that blogs are considered to be an influential source of information when purchase decisions are made.  Bloggers provide engaging content because they write about things that matter to them. This authenticity is recognized by readers, who don’t want to be manipulated into a sale.

Online Services Most Likely to Influence a Purchase

Many bloggers are influencers because they are often followed by thousands.  Their presence on numerous social media platforms reinforces their influencer status, giving them extra credibility and a more powerful voice.

Unfortunately, many brands don’t think that talking to bloggers is important.  They don’t understand the impact that bloggers have in creating brand awareness, inciting product trial and influencing purchase decisions.

Where do you turn for your product information?