What Makes a Client/Agency Relationship Work?

I recently had a situation that got me thinking about “What makes an effective agency/client relationship?”   I know that good communication between agency and client is a basic must. It’s fundamental when you think about it because you’re all involved in building a brand through effective communication with various media, carefully crafted to build brand awareness and trial.  So that’s what I wanted to talk to you about today.  What makes a client/agency relationship work?

 Here are a few suggestions on what we need from our clients:

 1)      Your Time

It’s perhaps the most important thing that we need from you, and it’s often the hardest for clients to give. We know that PR and Marketing is just one of the many hats that you wear, but regular, ongoing communication between client and agency is vital for the success of any PR campaign. For example, the further in advance we know of events– the more mileage we can get out of them, and it’s vital that you or a representative that has authority be available for quick approvals and urgent press requests.

2) Your Expertise and Opinions

Just because we do PR for a lion tamer, doesn’t mean we know how to tame lions. We need you to tell us what your brand’s story is. It’s then our job is to take it and turn it into a newsworthy story that will capture the attention of journalists, who will then write about your product or service.

3) Your Honesty

Let us know your objectives, any issues with your brand, and what you think about what we write or present.   And we will let you know if we’re not getting what we need to proceed.

4) Your Trust

We know what journalists want and how they like to be communicated with. There may be times when you have a story you want to push, or an angle you’d like to exploit – which we don’t believe will work. You see, at Schrenk PR, we talk to journalists daily so we know what they’re after and we talk from experience, and we know how to talk to a journalist about your brand.  So, you need to rely on our expertise and if we advise that a change in approach is necessary, listen to our reasons and have trust in what we say.

5) Your Patience

It takes time and consistent effort to get results and build a reputation for your brand with the media and to start to see results. It also takes time for us to build a relationship with you and to get to know your business and your way of working. If you don’t have the time, six months minimum, then you shouldn’t be looking at PR, you should be looking at using another marketing tool.   But remember you need PR to give credibility for your brand, because of its association with the particular magazine, TV or Blogger. It may take time to build relationships with the media, but the credibility and trust that you get from a blog or magazine/newspaper review or the exposure your brand receives in a radio or TV interview is invaluable in building your brand’s image.