Super Bowl Commercial Leaks – to Do or Not to Do?

Commercials have become an essential part of the Super Bowl experience. For some, the commercials are more important than the game itself. Certainly, for the advertisers who pay $4 million for a 30 second commercial, reach is what they’re after and airtime during the Super Bowl is not enough.

We live in a society ruled by the idea of instant gratification.  Some companies decided to play by that rule and leaked commercials prior to the Super Bowl. On one hand, it drew a lot of media attention and caught many people’s interest before the game. On the other hand, those commercials were not as memorable during the game as the commercials that had never been seen before. The intrigue of the reveal was no longer part of the brand experience. blog post superbowl


Something else to consider: if part of the audience chooses to watch the Super Bowl because of the commercials, and 47% of women do, will they have any reason to watch it now?  Leaking commercials seems to be a trend and as brands succumb to this temptation, the dynamics of the Super Bowl as we know it will change.


Perhaps Honda and Coke knew how to do it better. They caught the media and the public’s attention with teasers before the game and they engaged them at the game with their commercials. As a result, they didn’t take away the element of surprise at the Super Bowl.