Moms Online

A recent Nielsen infographic details “The Digital Lives of American Moms.” Moms are generally at the “hub” of their family’s offline life, so it’s not surprising that they dictate several of the top trends online too.   They are looking up product reviews, catching up with friends and family, and connecting with brands on social networks.
Some intriguing statistics from the Nielsen survey:
·         50% of all moms actively participate in social media via mobile devices, compared to 37% of the general population.
·         Nearly one in three bloggers are bloggers pr
·         Moms are 38 % more likely to become a fan of or follow a brand online.
·         Three out of four moms visited Facebook in March 2012
·         52% of bloggers are parents with kids under 18 in the household
The Nielsen infographic shows that nearly 40 percent of moms are likely to become a fan of or follow a brand online. Does your brand have a strong online presence?   By making sure that your business is visible and active online (with a strong mobile strategy, too) you can better tap into this forward-thinking group.
At Schrenk PR we are always chatting with mom bloggers, and find them engaging and important influencers. Today, it’s pretty much accepted that bloggers are integral in a media campaign, and that they contribute to a brand’s visibility and awareness. We’d love to talk to you about how we have worked with mom bloggers to build our clients’ brands in both Canada and the U.S.