Media Coverage…What’s it Worth?

Getting your brand or business in the news can be exciting, but how do you maximize its value? Reading about it in a magazine, newspaper, or blog;  watching it on TV or listening to it on the radio   provides instant validation for your brand.  In a recent post by Chris Winfield,  CMO of BlueGlass Interactive, he said “I love Ben Affleck’s quote from the movie Boiler Room, “Anybody who tells you money is
the root of all evil doesn’t  f#!*ing have any.”  He went on to say, “I always felt that perfectly relates to companies and press coverage. The ones who don’t get coverage will quickly dismiss it as useless and the ones who regularly get coverage just smile and hope that the others keep thinking that way…”

We agree with Chris because consistent press coverage obtained by PR  builds credibility for brands, and generates new leads, partnerships, and
links.  In turn, this will increase traffic to your website and social media sites, improve employee morale and increase sales.

There’s no doubt about it, PR creates believability and media coverage generated from PR campaigns can really build value for a brand.  But, you need to know what to do with your media coverage once you’ve gotten it.  How do you maximize the benefits of these third party media endorsements?

There are many ways to publicize your publicity..  You can create a “Featured in” section on your website and let
everyone read what the media have to say about your brand or project, build a ink to your article or post, share it on social media, link to it from your company’s newsletter, and don’t forget its value as a sales tool for your reps and potential investors.