Make the Most of Your Multi-screen Marketing

Understanding Cross-platform consumer behaviour

Understanding Cross-platform consumer behaviour

We all know that technology changes quickly and the number of available platforms is increasing.  Many consumers now own and use more than one type of screen depending on what they’re doing.   Smartphones, tablets, laptops and TV are the common platforms used in our quest for information.  So, it’s important to understand how and what consumers use various platforms for so that messages are designed in an appropriate format.    For example, Smartphones are great for browsing after seeing an interesting ad; but, a laptop might be preferred for a planned research project, such a car purchase.

Consumers’ relationships to those platforms depends on their culture, age and geographical location.  Younger groups between the ages of 14-39 use Smartphones to access the internet.  Germans are less interested in having content available on mobile devices compared to Americans.  Brazil, South Africa and Russia show the highest adoption of Smartphones for internet use.  America still has the highest content consumption in the world, but that could be changing.

It’s important that your website be accessible on the various platforms your customer uses.  This can be done if a website has a responsive design, where it adapts to every screen, or if it is designed for different platforms. The latter might be interesting for a company like the Running Room, targetting runners who use their smartphones for almost everything.  It would have to make sure that its website is designed for its customer’s smartphones.

Nowadays, because consumers’ attention spans are so limited, you need to know how to engage them on the platform they use most.  As consumers can quickly look up information about any brand, whatever platform they use, an overall understanding of how your customers use technology is  vital to creating a viable marketing strategy for your brand and one that will resonate with your customers.

Which platform do you use most?