How photos can make You more likable and engaging

Visual Marketing is the new trend in 2013 as more and more people turn away from blocks of copy to visuals that tell a story.  Photo sharing tools like Instagram, purchased by Facebook, in April of 2012, have seen a 1,179% increase in six months. That says a lot about using visuals.  Posts on Facebook using photos or other visuals saw 53% more Likes than a post with only a link.  A photo with a comment got 104% more comments than just an average post.

This percentage difference is substantial and emphasizes a huge opportunity for businesses to increase Likes and comments using visuals.  Seeing the larger Facebook photo grabs your attention and increases engagement.  Also, image posts increase interest by EdgeRank, Facebook’s visibility algorithm.  By doing that, your posts to appear more frequently in News Feeds and this increases your visibility too.

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See the difference when posting a photo on Facebook compared to posting a link.  The Facebook photo is much more engaging because you can see the photo quickly.  When you just see a link, the photo is much smaller, making it less impactful.
According to Hubspot, there are 19 other reasons why you should include visuals in your marketing strategy.

Visual learning is nothing new.  You might remember the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words!” Today, social media proves it.