How can you get work experience if you can’t get a job?

Many students have a hard time finding a job when they graduate.  The Concordia Institute for Co-operative Education has really changed that with its Small Business Internship Program.  Students must complete three separate work terms before they graduate.  Schrenk PR participated this year by hiring a co-op student.  The experience was rewarding and beneficial.  It did require time to mentor the student; however, we’re happy to support this program.

Diane Schrenk, Leslie Hughes, & Tina Cleaver

Diane Schrenk, Leslie Hughes, & Tina Cleaver

Last night we attended the Concordia Co-op Awards of Recognition Event and Student Showcase and were really impressed with the student presentations from their internships.  We also heard the Co-op student of the year, Christine Harries, stress how important this program was for herself and her fellow students.  She explained how it was a “spring board” to the business world and how many students were lucky enough to be offered a job by the companies where they had worked.

It was evident by the warmth of last evening’s ceremony that Concordia really cares about their graduates and wants to give them the best opportunity to succeed.  We were also pleased to see that many graduate students joined the Co-op program.  One in particular started at Concordia as a student, 30 years ago, and has been involved as a professor ever since.  Thumbs up to Concordia for having such a dynamic and engaging environment and for giving students much more than just a degree.

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