Has Instagram Really Betrayed Its Users?

“You agree that a business may pay Instagram to display your photos in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions without any compensation to you.”
This short sentence caused a wave of outrage from many users.  It was now understood that Instagram (owned by Facebook) could sell users’ photos, without consent if their account wasn’t deleted by January 19th 2013, when the new privacy settings would come into effect.
In December AppData reported a significant drop in Instagram users. Although in Instagram’s case the drop may be partly due to the proposed policy change, many social medias witnessed a decline in users during the Christmas season. Either way, Instagram’s reputation has been tarnished since the policy changes have been exposed. Many believe that if the media hadn’t intervened, the policy changes would have gone unnoticed due to the holidays.
The real question is, what were Instagram’s true intentions?
While its privacy settings now state that Instagram can’t sell your photo, it can use it without your consent.    Think about it, do you want your personal photos used without your knowledge?
This controversy has damaged Instagram’s reputation and trust is now a big question. What will the consequences be? Only the future will tell; however, it is clear that the media’s role is crucial in the public’s perception of a brand.
What are your thoughts on the new policy? Will you be deleting your Instagram account?