Festival Montréal en Lumière: a 3D Experience

Every year, Festival Montréal en Lumière adds color and warmth to Montreal’s cold winter by celebrating both food and the arts. This year, the festival has been taken to a new level as the organisers wanted Montrealers to explore all of their five senses.

This experience has been made possible because of the support of numerous corporate sponsors. The main sponsor, RBC, has created the RBC

Picture ©Victor Diaz Lamich, Montréal en Lumière

Picture ©Victor Diaz Lamich, Montréal en Lumière

Dome that provides a 360 degree experience for its visitors. This project was organized in connection with the RBC Blue Water Project, whose goal is to improve water efficiency and usage in urban areas.

The RBC Dome is a 20-metre sphere and as visitors step inside, they have a chance to experience a half-hour 360 degree movie, BLOOP, that shows water in all of its states.

Another sponsor, Provigo, created the Provigo Sphere to delight visitors’ palates with samples of different sweet foods. Air France sponsored a Ferris wheel that provides a view of the entire festival site. The Milk Urban Slide engages visitors of all ages by providing the ultimate winter activity. Bell’s Interactive Laser gets guests to create laser drawings that are projected on the wall of a building, in real time. And, all these experiences are free so everyone can enjoy them.

Many companies are using societal marketing, when choosing projects for corporate sponsorship as a way of changing the perception of their brand by making it seem more socially involved. As more and more companies and brands turn to this type of marketing, it becomes a competitive disadvantage for a corporation not to be part of this trend. These corporate sponsorships also provide more opportunities for positive media coverage that will portray a more caring brand image.

In RBC’s case, it chose a three-dimensional approach, using utilizing societal marketing to change its image, get involved in the community and public relations montreal festivalrefresh the image of its brand. And, they did it all with a giant 3D sphere!

What brand made your festival experience memorable?