Does Sex Sell ?

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Often educated, sometimes career-oriented, married or single, with or without children, young or older, women have something in common. They are the major decision makers when it comes to purchases. In fact, 85% of all consumer purchases are based on women’s decisions – whether it’s healthcare, pharmaceuticals, home purchases, vacations, or even electronics and cars. The last two are particularly surprising, as they are known to be predominantly male markets.

It’s important for businesses to acknowledge women’s influence when creating a marketing strategy.  Sprint,
for instance, has shifted its strategy from technology jargon to a lifestyle-focused strategy.  Still, many companies fail to acknowledge this. Take a look at the automobile industry where, despite the fact that 65% of women account for car purchases, sex is still used to sell cars.

So the question is, does sex really sell to women?

If a brand isn’t selling a sex-related product such as lingerie or condoms, chances are, this type of advertisement will take attention away from the brand, possibly cheapening it. Media Analyzer survey results show that only 8% of women like ads with sexual themes, compared to 48%
of men, and 58% of women believe there is too much sex in advertising.

What don’t women want?

They don’t want to be talked down to, and what appeals to them is not the same as what appeals to men.
Marketers need to acknowledge this. It is shocking that 91% of women still think advertisers don’t understand them, but there’s nothing new about that.  Forty nine years ago, in 1964, David Ogilvy said, “The consumer isn’t a moron. She is your wife.” True then and obviously it hasn’t changed much.