Augmented Reality & Interactive Advertising

Ads That Come To Life

Interactive advertising reflects the future. Augmented reality (AR) is a great example of an engaging and interactive use of this technology.  Brands that adopt it and create an amazing, memorable customer experience will stand out in our minds and be perceived as industry leaders.  Truly understanding the customer, thinking outside the box and creating a strategy aligned with a company’s vision are the three principal ingredients needed for a successful AR experience.

Take a look at what Coca-Cola did this past January, at the Science Museum in London, when it used AR to create the ultimate customer experience.  They introduced a virtual mama polar bear who looked on as her babies were playing on the ice, and then the ice broke.  It captured our hearts and engaged us in Coca Cola’s and the World Wildlife Foundation’s cause “Get Involved,” that illustrates how important it is for everyone to get involved because when we work together we can do much more about climate change.  It also shows that Coca Cola is more than a soft drink.

Disney used AR when it brought its characters to life in Times Square.  It made for a thrilling experience as Disney characters interacted with people, and everyone could see it on a huge screen.  It was fun, certainly interactive and yes, memorable.

AR was also used in the recent U.S. elections when Obama was able to virtually reach out and high five a voter’s hand, making him seem very accessible.

Augmented reality gets the media talking because it’s innovative and it’s changing the way advertising is perceived.  Ads are no longer talking “at us,” rather they’re interacting in a fun way, and yes, at times, they’re making us involved in great causes.  What brands caught your attention recently?